Best Quiet Electric Kettle in 2021

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Kettles are meant to save your time and provide you with a pleasurable cup of coffee/tea. But, did you ever heard about quiet electric kettles. Yes, they do exist! We are going to review the best quiet electric kettle 2021 for you.

During the morning, when one loves to listen the sound of chirping birds and sweet music, and suddenly they hear the irritating sound of beeping kettle, how’d it be like? It will disrupt your calm thoughts and you have to start them from the beginning. It is the time when everyone loves quietness as it is the food for your soul too, it provokes you to see you inner self.

There a lot of quiet electric kettles in the market but not every one of them is the “best one”. To find out the best quiet electric kettle for your home use, have a look at our review.


Best Quiet Electric Kettle 2021

Best in the world: Cuisinart CPK-17 

Best Overall: Miroco Electric Kettle 

Top Quality: Hamilton Beach

Best Portable: COMFEE’ Stainless Steel

Most Searched: COMFEE’ Stainless Steel


1 Cuisinart CPK-17

Cuisinart is a brand that is known for producing the best quiet electric kettles globally. They serve their customers according to their desire. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp, Cordless Electric kettle is another successful best quiet electric kettle.

best electric kettle

 Prominent features: 

The Cuisinart CPK-17 is entirely made up of stainless steel and it is cordless and programmable quiet kettle. Compared to any other kettle in the market, cleaning Cuisinart CPK-17 electric kettle is quite easy and you can clean it according to the hygienic standards.

Moreover, you don’t not need to worry about the capacity any further because Cuisinart CPK-17 offers 1.7 liter capacity that is more than enough for a family. And it only requires 5 minutes to boil the whole 1.7 liter water.

Additionally, it has different temperature settings. The settings are placed on the handle for the ease of the customers. The lid opens by pressing the button and below that button, there are 6 buttons for different temperature settings.

Unlike most of the kettles, the settings buttons have a recommendation for the nature of the beverage you should prepare with each of them. Exceptionally, it has a keep warm feature that keeps water or beverage warm for straight 30 minutes.
And most importantly, it is the quietest kettle in the market, it doesn’t produce any kind of irritating sound.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Advanced technology
  • 8 pre-set temperatures
  • Float valve technology for the lid
  • Cool exterior
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Only 1.7-litre capacity


 Why We Picked This Product? 

Except one or two minor flaws, you’d find Cuisinart CPK-17 electric kettle the best one. It would be probably become your best tea/coffee preparing partner. Quietness in the kettle is what that makes it exceptional and Cuisinart CPK-17 is the quietest one.

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2Miroco Electric Kettle

Stainless steel kettles are mostly the best one as they have such unique features and efficient functioning that other kettles don’t have. Miroco Electric Kettle has 1.7 liters capacity, and cordless functioning that makes it one of the best quiet electric kettle so far.

 Prominent features: 

First of all, the kettle is made up of stainless steel and BPA free material that are safe for preparing infant meals. Boils water without adding the contaminants. Features a 1500W heating system for instant boiling. Boils 1.7 liters of water in only 8 minutes. What else could be faster than this?

Moreover, it has 6 precise temperature control for preparation of different beverages. These temperature controls help you to get the best favorable coffee, tea or even simple boiling water. Choose 160°F for Delicate Tea, 175°F for Green Tea, 185°F for White Tea, 190°F for Oolong Tea, 200°F For French Press Coffee. And “Boil” 212°F for Black Tea, Instant Cocoa, Oatmeal, and Noodles.

Keep warm feature keeps water/coffee/tea warm for 30 minutes straight. The convenient temperature controls enables easy and safe operation. Unlike most of the other kettles, it also features a boil-dry function that shuts off kettle instantly after the fixed temperature.

Lastly, Miroco Electric Kettle has a 120V electric power base to ensure excellent functioning. Along with this, Miroco Electric Kettle performs its function in a quiet manner to that it doesn’t disrupt your thoughts.


  • 1500W heating element and 120V power electric base
  • Boil-dry protection
  • 6 pre-set temperature settings
  • Stainless steel and BPA free construction
  • Cordless functioning
  • Thermally insulated handle
  • It isn’t cool to touch


 Why We Picked This Product? 

Miroco Electric Kettle is one of the best quiet electric kettle for a reason. 6 preset temperature settings, 1500W heating element, 120V power base, boil-dry protection, stainless steel and BPA free construction and thermally insulated handles are such specs of Miroco Electric Kettle that make sit remarkable.

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3Hamilton Beach  (40880)

Hamilton Beach is a well-known brand for its electric appliances. And Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, (40880) is magnificent electric appliance and cordless program, boil-dry protection, auto-shut off and 1.7 liter large capacity are the features that make it one of the best quiet electric kettle.

 Prominent features: 

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle boils water faster than any other microwave and safer than stovetop. Best for dorms, house and office use. Brushed stainless steel and black BPA free plastic manufacturing gives it a sturdy but elegant look.

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle is cordless for convenient serving. Unlike most of the other kettles, it has a concealed heating system and is compatible with any 120V electric outlet. Another remarkable feature is its boil-dry protection.

In case, you have to leave home/office/dorm in an emergency while the kettle is on, it will shut-off automatically to save water from boiling till it gets dry and it also prevents any unhappy incident.

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle has a drip free spout and it enables you to pour water/tea/coffee safely without creating any mess. Many stainless steel kettles are too hot to touch. But when it comes to Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, it has a BPA free plastic but sturdy handle. It is large enough that you can hold the kettle safely, without burning your soft hands.

Lastly, it has an easy to view water window that allows you to view the water level, so you can pour water according to your desire. There is also a button for opening the lid. Importantly, it doesn’t create noise on boiling water, rather it just beeps for once and informs that your desired beverage is ready.

What else can be more appealing and convenient than this?


  • Drip-free spout
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Stainless steel and BPA free construction
  • Large, sturdy and safe handle
  • Efficient and quiet
  • Design needs a more modern look

 Why We Picked This Product? 

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle is perfect for home and office use. It has all the affectionate features that a best quiet electric kettle must have. But, unlike others, it offers all these exceptional features and excellent functionality in an affordable price.

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4COMFEE’ Stainless Steel

If you want a sleek, elegant and quiet electric kettle with some unique specs. Try COMFEE’ Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle. It is enlisted as one of the best quiet electric kettle. Features, a 1500W heating element, fast boil with LED light, auto shut-off and boil dry protection.

 Prominent features: 

Lets’ talk about the manufacturing first. The inner pot is made up of 304-food grade stainless steel and the housing is made up of brushed stainless steel for an elegant and classy look. BPA-Free food grade materials, removable nylon filter for convenient cleaning and easy to view water window.

Nylon filter is safe and harmless for health, it adds no contaminants to the boiling water/tea/coffee. Along with this, easy to view water window enables you to view the water level, so you can add water according to your desire.

1500W quiet electric kettle has a concealed heating system for instant boiling. It can boil up to 1.7 liters water in a minimum time i.e. 5-7 minutes. Start your day with perfect cup of coffee/tea.

It has a professional British Strix thermostat controlling system which enables the kettle to shut-off automatically after the boiling of the desired beverage. Additionally, it also has a boil-dry protection system.

Cool to touch button with a button for opening lid for convenient use. 360ᵒ swivel base is connected with UL standard power cord for safe usage and easy storage. For thorough cleaning, use white vinegar, baking soda, water, cleaning bottle brush and microfiber cloth.

Lastly, it has an easy to pour spout that pour beverage direct to the cup without creating any mess around, keeping your kitchen tidy.


  • Easy-to-pour spout
  • Large, sturdy and cool to touch handle
  • Button for opening lid
  • Safe nylon filter
  • Stainless steel construction
  • UL standard power cord
  • Takes 5-7 minutes to boil 1.7 liter beverage
  • Housing is not cool to touch except the handle

 Why We Picked This Product? 

COMFEE’ Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle performs its functions quietly and informs you with just a beep that your desired beverage or food is ready. Buy this incredible performing kettle for a perfect cup of coffee/tea.

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5KitchenAid KEK1222PT

Last in our list for best quiet electric kettles, we have KitchenAid KEK1222PT, Electric Kettle – Pistachio. Traditional but classy look and exceptional functioning, makes this cute kettle the perfect one.

 Prominent features: 

For the people who are long for a quiet kettle, KitchenAid KEK1222ER is the quietest kettle in the market and not only this, it is quite fast when compared with others.

With the maximum water fill, it takes only 5 minutes to boil the water completely. On boiling of water, the LED light starts blinking that gives a modern tech touch.

Moreover, sleek handle is placed on the top of the kettle instead of placing it on the side, because it is more comfortable and enables easy handling. The sturdy handle is aluminum made and very comfy to hold. The kettle construction adds to the durability of the kettle.

Furthermore, it is made up of stainless steel so it’s a stainless steel kettles with a little plastic touch in the interior. But the plastic is also of high quality and it is BPA free.

There’s a filter in the pouring spout that filters the beverage while passing through it. Large lid and removable base makes cleaning easy. You can never get a better quiet electric kettle in an affordable price than KitchenAid KEK1222PT electric kettle.


  • Affordable
  • LED on and off display
  • Convenient bottom cord
  • Large lid makes cleaning easy
  • Takes minimum preparation time
  • Eye-catching look
  • Stainless steel kettle
  • Only 2-3 people
  • Some people doesn’t like the little plastic used in the interior

 Why We Picked This Product? 

You are going to love the color, the traditional look, the specs, and the performance of this kettle. This cute kettle maintains the standard of kitchen-aid just like the other appliances by kitchen-aid. With this kettle, you don’t need to worry about the poor parts or weak quality.

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Buyer Guide for Best Quiet Electric Kettle 2021

There a lot of kettle brands in the market, but you might not know which one is the best electric kettle to buy. But if you know the main facts about the electric kettles, you’d end up buying the perfect one.

Let’s have a look at the factors!

 Boiling speed 

Everyone buys kettle because they want to save their time because microwaves and stove tops take a lot of time for boiling water or preparing your hot beverage.

So, first of all, do check the time that kettle will take to boil your desired hot beverage. The heating element of the kettle determines how much time it will take for boiling water. So, higher the watts consumption, higher the speed of the boiling.

Technically, always buy a kettle that has the heating element more than 1200 watts.


No one’s likes to get interrupted while thinking about a serious matter. And worst is getting disturbed by the sound of the kettle. Kettles produce different types of noise. Some kettles produce noise while some also perform quietly.
A quiet kettle provides you the peace and calm environment that you’ll need while cooking.

The quietness level of the kettle is mentioned on the manual or kettle packing. Yu can also pick the kettle with the most ratings and reviews.

The construction also serves its role in the quiet nature of the electric kettle. Stainless steel or glass kettles are quiet than most of the other ones.


Safety is the factor that you can’t ignore at any cost. Especially if you live with a joint family system and there are old people and kids in your family.

You have to ensure that kettle is safe while operating and even when not in operation.
Kettle must have a handle that is cool to touch, so that you can easily hold it. It will ensure that your hands didn’t get burnt while holding it.

Moreover, it must have a lid that opens slowly because the one that opens quickly, releases steam at once and that could be dangerous.

Along with this, it must have an automatic on and off switch, so it shuts off when it reaches to the desired temperature.


Choose the electric kettle that is equipped with advanced tech and features. It must have features like:

  • Several temperature settings
  • Keep warm feature
  • The capacity of the kettle
  • Timers
  • Digital control and settings

These factors will provide you ease while operating the kettle.


Durability is the last element to look for but being last doesn’t mean that it is not important. A kettle is an appliance that you need to use on daily basis. You need to buy a kettle that will serve you for a longer period. It will save you from spending a lot of money again and again.

Durability depends upon the construction of the kettle and kettles that are made up of stainless steel are always more durable than the others made with plastic or glass.


With a safe and quiet kettle, there would be only few things in your kitchen that would need your attention.
After testing a lot of kettles we have enlisted and reviewed the best quiet electric kettle. We hope that this article will serve you well. Do read the descriptions, pros and cons for buying the perfect one.

In case of any queries and suggestions, comment below!


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